Postidal Inc., and its affiliates, an American multinational technology company focused on artificial intelligence to provide user-friendly online shopping, robotic and artificial retail. We are on a journey to create reliable, futuristic, and convenient robotic and artificial bodegas, to make peoples’s shopping experience easier and a lot more 21st century, while providing them with an affordable and endless amount of items or products to choose from, bettering the livelihood of millions of our customer base, whom are, and will always be our priority.


In a continuously changing world, it’s been often said that when it comes to technology, the sky is the limit, and we truly believe that. Therefore, we aim to create artificial intelligence (AI) to incorporate it into both, retail shopping and the daily livelihood of millions of people around the globe, to facilitate their shopping experience and simultaneously improve any aspects if their lives. Additionally, Postidal will make its E-commerce, robotic and artificial Bodega increasingly more user-friendly and futuristic as our customer base increases.


Postidal complies with US EEOC regulations. Our company is an LGBTQ+ friendly org which doesn’t discriminate against any person because of their religion, gender, political opinion, disability, or ethic accents. At Postidal, we live by the words of those who have fought for a more equitable world, where a person is judged by their actions, not by how they sound, dress, or look like.