Wear at Mask, Keep us all Safe

Postidal is looking to regulate all of our warehouse and service deliveries according to regulations on covid-19, all employees are to wear a mask while working in any of our warehouses. They must also disinfect our hands constantly. As a multinational company, we have employees around the globe where Covid-19 regulations may differ due to their state or government regulations or different take in the handling of this pandemic. However, we keep a close count of any increase in Covid cases to learn how we can protect all of our employees.

We have also given more paid sick days to all of our employees, in case they get affected by the coronavirus. Our goal is to continue providing the best possible retail experience to customers while keeping our employees safe. Always.

While it may sound like a cliche by now, we must say it again, if you, too, are reading this message, wear a mask, keep social distance, and keep us all safe.